[Blink] New SIP SIMPLE client SDK release 3.4.0

Adrian Georgescu ag at ag-projects.com
Mon Feb 25 18:41:21 CET 2019

There is a new release with critical bug fixes, to upgrade see:


Change log

python-sipsimple (3.4.0)
   * Fixed attribute name in comparison
   * Added dialog_id property on the Session class
   * Added logic to handle early-only and RFC2543 style tags for Replaces
   * Avoid unnecessary list copy
   * Removed unnecessary boolean variable
   * Do not reset the proposed_streams attribute when the session is rejected
   * Reordered some operations for consistency
   * Make sure the greenlet attribute is always removed when greenlet exits
   * Removed code that duplicated cancel handling inside reject handler
   * Simplified RTPStreamEncryption properties
   * Ordered RTPStreamEncryption properties alphabetically
   * Fixed potential access to uninitialized variable
   * Removed unnecessary attribute from RTPStream
   * Fixed memory leak for unused streams that bleeded out audio resources
   * Fixed memory leak that did not release streams when canceling proposals
   * Use setter syntax for defining properties
   * PEP-8 compliance changes
   * Use set literals instead of set instances
   * Do not use mutable value for function default argument
   * Improved error message
   * Use local variable instead of instance attribute
   * Fixed right hand value in assignment
   * Use super when instantiating data types
   * Always clean up proposed streams when cancelling proposal
   * Added language_level for cython sources


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