[Blink] "beep beep" every 45 seconds

Oliver Wagner oliver.wagner at qutico.de
Mon Oct 2 22:48:29 CEST 2017

Hello Adrian,
I noticed this only on IDLE. This "beep beep" is very annoying and I
always restart Blink to stop it. Because of this I don't know if this
continues while making a phone call. But next time I will try it.


Adrian Georgescu schrieb:
> Is this during the call or when idle?
> Adrian
>> On 2 Oct 2017, at 10:16, Oliver Wagner <oliver at wagner-www.de
>> <mailto:oliver at wagner-www.de>> wrote:
>> Hello,
>> if blink is running all 45 seconds a "beep beep" is played. After
>> terminating "Blink Pro" the "beep beep" is gone. Restarting "Blink
>> Pro" there is no "beep beep" ... but after some time the "beep beep"
>> comes back and it stops only with terminating "Blink Pro".
>> The "beep beep" is played via bluetooth headset and with default
>> internal speaker (if no bluetooth headset ist connected).
>> It would be great if I can disable this "beep beep" ... can you help?
>> Best regards
>> Oli
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