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Thu May 18 12:51:50 CEST 2017

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On 05/17/17 23:09, Brock Martin wrote:
> Thank you Dan for responding.
> I could only get the sip: register setting to work.  Setting the
> presence header in the accounts section causes Blink fail to start.
> Using Blink on MS-Windows latest version.
> I've attached the config files for working and non-working states with
> sensitive parts redacted.  Could you review to see if I've done
> something wrong?  I've added the lines to the second account.

You indented it wrong. The configuration file is indentation sensitive, 
like the python language. You indented the presence group too much, so 
instead of creating an account.presence.enabled setting, you actually 
created an account.sip.presence.enabled, which doesn't exist.

You need to have the presence: group at the same level of indentation as 
the sip: group. Also use spaces everywhere, not tabs.

> Thanks for a wonderful SIP client.  It is worth paying for.  Maybe
> consider making a Pro version with more settings in the UI and a volume
> unit meter for incoming audio on each connection; would be helpful when
> conferencing groups to tell who is making sound or talking.
> On 5/17/2017 5:35 AM, Dan Pascu wrote:
>> On 05/17/17 01:37, Brock Martin wrote:
>>> Need to be able to disable sending of REGISTER, PUBLISH, SUBSCRIBE SIP
>>> signals as they are not required for making outgoing calls only and if
>>> the ITSP or SIP proxy don't respond to them Blink continues to send this
>>> unnecessary traffic.
>> You can modify the config file (while blink is not running) and add
>> the following settings for the account(s):
>> presence:
>>     enabled = False
>> sip:
>>     register = False
>> of use sip-settings from the sipclients scripts:
>> sip-settings -c ~/.blink --account set ALL presence.enabled=False
>> sip.register=False
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