[Blink] blink-qt license files

Adrian Georgescu ag at ag-projects.com
Tue Jun 20 15:17:39 CEST 2017

The license of Blink Qt is GPLv3 without restrictions. We updated the corresponding files


> On 19 Jun 2017, at 14:26, Daniel Gnoutcheff <gnoutchd at softwarefreedom.org> wrote:
> I'm evaluating blink-qt for use at my workplace.  One of my requirements
> is that it should be free software as defined by the Debian Free
> Software Guidelines (DFSG).
> Unfortunately, the license statements I've found in the source code are
> a bit contradictory:
>  - `debian/copyright` says it's GPLv3 or later with additional
>    restrictions, inc. a prohibition against rebranding.
>  - But the top-level `LICENCE` file says I may use blink-qt under
>    GPLv3 with no additional restrictions.
> Can I assume that the top-level LICENCE file takes precedence over
> debian/copyright?  If so, would you accept a patch that brings
> `debian/copyright` in line with `LICENCE`?
> Thanks much!
> Have a good one,
> Daniel Gnoutcheff
> Systems Administrator
> Software Freedom Law Center
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