[Blink] Problem syncing Google Contacts

Dan Pascu dan at ag-projects.com
Wed Jul 5 14:35:54 CEST 2017

On 4 Jul 2017, at 12:29, Morten Pettersen wrote:

> A workaround with a modified contacts.py would be highly appreciated :-)

Apparently replacing the file is more involved than I thought, as the file is inside a ZIP archive. Because of this I decided to provide the whole ZIP archive. You can find it at this location:


Download it and overwrite C:\Program Files\Blink\library.zip with it.

If you feel like doing all the legwork yourself instead, then download:


and then navigate to C:\Program Files\Blink where you'll find the aforementioned library.zip. Inside the zip archive you should navigate to the blink directory where you'll find contacts.pyc which must be replaced by the downloaded contacts.pyc file.

Note: this fix is ONLY for blink-qt version 3.0.0 for windows. Do NOT attempt to apply it to a different version.

If you are running linux you can find the modified contacts.py file here:


On linux this updated contacts.py file can be used with any version of blink >= 3.0.0. Which file you should override with it on linux depends on your distribution and the way you installed blink, so I won't cover it here, but running 

locate contacts.py

should probably help you find it.


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