[Blink] SIP2SIP account won't work with Cisco

Michael Nagie promike1987 at gmail.com
Thu Jan 19 13:55:03 CET 2017


I stuck and I need some help. I bought a Cisco SPA504G in the end and 
I've been configuring SIP2SIP for about 5 hours but I still can't figure 
out what is wrong.

I tried to follow the description:

But I'm failed.

My settings right now are:

Line Enable: yes
Sip Transport: TLS
Sip Port: 443
Proxy: sip2sip.info
Register Expires: 3600
Display name, User ID and Auth ID are my username without @sip2sip.info.
Password is my passwd.
And currently the prefered codec is g711u, but I don't think that really 

So I get:
Failed (Not Reachable)

If I change the settings to SIP Transport to UDP 5060 then my line 
button blinks:
Not Registered(?)
After a while 'Failed (No response)' then it changes to
'Not Registered (No response)'

Thanks in advance!

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