[Blink] Blink 2.0.0. for Ubuntu Xenial

Adrian Georgescu ag at ag-projects.com
Thu Jun 16 16:31:47 CEST 2016

Blink Qt is now packaged for the latest Ubuntu 16.04


blink (2.0.0xenial) xenial; urgency=medium
   * Use identity check for marker
   * Use defaultweakobjectmap from python-application
   * Multiple internal code improvements/cleanups and PEP-8 compliance fixes
   * Open stdout/stderr in unbuffered mode when frozen
   * Enhanced detection of the application resources directory
   * Fixed file transfer status if not answer is received
   * Don't rely on a failed transfer reason being set
   * Simplified update_ringtone logic and made it more readable
   * Show/hide stream icons in a single place in the code
   * Automated incoming dialog slot allocation
   * Simplified updating ringtones on session state changes
   * Added new notification when a blink session is created
   * Improved tracking of blink sessions from the session manager
   * Refactored BlinkSession inheritance and event signaling
   * Post the session creation notifications after instantiation only
   * Fixed file transfer indicator minimum width
   * Fixed condition for outgoing file transfers
   * Fixed race condition in the automatic ZRTP SAS validation
   * Fixed spurious ringtone delay in certain cases
   * Do not allow dialing contacts without URIs
   * Simplified logic of resetting statuses with limited lifetimes
   * Added context attribute to status messages
   * Prevent the status message from shifting left/right when duration changes
   * Added a separate UI file for the dragged audio session
   * Added a finished signal to incoming requests
   * Prevent the dragged audio session widget's content from overflowing
   * Fixed tooltip for reject button
   * Adjusted note text breaking points
   * Implemented call transfer
   * Make sure the gradient color position is in the 0..1 range
   * Removed export info from svg files
   * Added icons for modifier keys
   * Fixed conditions tested for displaying transfer status messages
   * Fixed processing of the incoming dialog signals
   * Optimized transfer failure status message for space
   * Removed unnecessary character escaping
   * Reset chat input text formatting between messages
   * Removed Dark style variant from the Smooth Operator theme
   * Synced widget height in code and the UI file
   * Fixed ZRTP widget role properties to be not translatable
   * Adjusted ZRTPWidget colors to be more readable
   * Added encryption and OTR related attributes to ChatStreamInfo
   * Added OTR encryption support for chat
   * Added switch icon
   * Show a modal dialog if the application gets a fatal error and exit
   * Removed copyright and license notices from the top of every source file
   * Fixed potentially uninitialized data variable
   * Added __info__ module
   * Updated docs
   * Fixed error in debian changelog trailing lines
   * Added debian files to MANIFEST.in
   * Updated debian package dependencies


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