[Blink] Registration Started

Mediacast Guy mediacastguy at gmail.com
Tue Sep 15 13:28:59 CEST 2015

On 9/15/2015 7:12 AM, Mediacast Guy wrote:
> Most often I use Blink (Windows 7) with voipo for SIP telephone calls. However, occasionally I need to do SIP-to-SIP
> calls for our podcasts. This morning, when I tried to make a SIP call, I discovered that OnSip and voipwelcome register
> correctly, but sip2sip.info does not. All I get is Registration Started. The only things that have changed on my system
> are I updated to the 9/11 release of Blink, and I have new Gigapower Internet service from AT&T. I don't know if the
> registrations were succeeding before the update. The router is supplied by AT&T, and while I have access to the
> settings, I don't know if I need to forward ports or such.The sip2sip.info settings are the ones that were made when I
> had Blink create new SIP accounts. Bria 3 works fine on the same LAN for all of the providers, but sip2sip is slow to
> connect to the test numbers.
> Server Settings:
> Always use my proxy for outgoing sessions (checked but nothing entered in Outbound Proxy or Auth Username)
> Nothing else is checked, and no other information is entered on that page.
> Thanks,

Additional information: Blink 1.4.1 is working correctly on an identical computer sitting beside the main computer, so
the problem is not the router or Internet service, I assume.

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