[Blink] python-eventlib missing from [downloads.ap-projects.com]

ag at ag-projects.com ag at ag-projects.com
Mon Mar 2 08:14:23 CET 2015

Try again


I put python-eventlib package there.


On 02 Mar 2015, at 06:08, Dr Dreyeth <dreyeth at openmailbox.org> wrote:

> I'm using a variant of arch linux, that uses a packaging system that auto downloads
> all the libraries from your download site and packages the files and installs blink.
> Lately its been choking because one of the libraries blink requires that ag-projects develops
> isn't on the download site anymore.
> Was this a oversite when adding new library versions?
> I haven't been able to get blink to download and package because python-eventlib is missing,
> I've been trying to hack my own packages with the changes to your libraries.
> Is there another place that you store updates to python-eventlib?
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