[Blink] voip.ms SIP URI Dialing

Mediacast Guy mediacastguy at gmail.com
Tue Jan 27 15:45:21 CET 2015

I recently acquired a paid voip.ms account. However, I am unable to dial out to non-voip.ms SIP URI addresses. When I
dial 4444 at sip2sip.info, for example, I get an "Address Incomplete" error. Blink (Windows) works just fine dialing most
addresses with other providers.

How would I go about learning the cause of the problem? I reached out to voip.ms, They reported, "I just tried with
Blink softphone for Windows and just entered the SIP URI address: 4444 at sip2sip.info and could get a ring tone." I'm
confident the problem is voip.ms, but I don't know what logs or other information to send them to troubleshoot. They're
not familiar with Blink (I made a suggestion that they add it to their recommended softphone list.)

Unrelated, I'm getting a log file on one of my Blink installs but not on the other one. None of the blocks is checked is
Logging preferences in either computer. Isn't there an output.log file that is regularly updated even with no blocks


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