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Ron imrich at cogeco.ca
Tue Feb 3 21:54:34 CET 2015

Hi blink,

Blink is installed on my system, and when it works, I love it. However, something (weird) has happened.
I have only one contact that I use blink with, and we used it continuously, until just recently.
We have done file transfers, chats, and voice conversation, until just recently.
At the present, we can still do file transfers, chats, but only one-way voice conversations (I cannot be heard),

We both have Skype on our systems, which neither of us don't likes. However, we are now forced to use Skype, as it allows us to do file transfers, chats, and two-way voice conversations.

Neither ISP blocks sip transmissions. I use account ronald_charles at sip2sip.info and my contact uses jimwpg at sip2sip.info

Can you provide any insight as to what might be the problem, as nothing on either computer (my contact, or mine) has been changed since Blink was installed?

Best regards, 
imrich at cogeco.ca
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