[Blink] Calling Blink To Blink client Via Opensips server , results to "media stream timed out while starting"

Dan Pascu dan at ag-projects.com
Tue Apr 7 11:26:25 CEST 2015

On 7 Apr 2015, at 2:59, the.ozma.of.oz the.ozma.of.oz wrote:

> We checked the in and out voice configuration, indeed it was a sound devices issue. Have you seen the logs which i sent privately in the support email?

I did, but they did not provide any more insight. From them I could see what I've also seen from my server logs, which is that you do not seem to have a SIP ALG router messing your traffic.

> I guess then it's the server issue, can you give me some advice on what to check?

Not really. You need to ask the people that own that SIP proxy because only they can answer you why they do not relay your media. According to the logs you sent, their proxy added itself in the path as a media relay, so it should be responsible for forwarding your media traffic.

The only thing you could try is to disable ICE on both ends see if it helps. Sometimes the proxy might be dumb and get confused by ICE and do the wrong thing. From your logs that proxy didn't handle ICE signaling correctly. In the end blink detected that and didn't use ICE, but the proxy/media relay might still be confused by its mere presence.

> I have a strong feeling that this problem is related to port forwarding and not actually the opensips server itself. So the media stream out is still a  problem on my server...

I believe it to be a problem with your media relay, which seem to be on the same system as the sip proxy. Only the owners of that relay can debug your issue.

As a note, when you're in a call, you can open the chat window and in there you have a session info panel that has a traffic graph. In that you can see both sent and received traffic. If you see received missing it means the traffic is not relayed. If you see received traffic but do not hear anything it might be an audio device issue.


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