[Blink] Calling Blink To Blink client Via Opensips server , results to "media stream timed out while starting"

Dan Pascu dan at ag-projects.com
Mon Apr 6 17:16:00 CEST 2015

On 4 Apr 2015, at 2:33, the.ozma.of.oz the.ozma.of.oz wrote:

> Hello. Should i  answer to you or send the letters in the mailing list?

You should keep the conversation on the mailing list. I only suggested to send the logs to our support email address, in case you were concerned with sharing private logs on the mailing list.

> Anyway, we have made a test calls using sip2sip server and there is the problem with ice checked or without, we can't hear each other at all. Our accounts was:
> test228 at sip2sip.info:test228
> ttest44 at sip2sip.info:ttest44
> So please look the logs on this accounts.

I've checked the logs of all the calls made using these accounts and in all cases I can see audio going both ways. The amount of data send is also consistent with the codec bandwidth (for example a 45 second call transferred approximately 450KB in each direction which matches the 10KB/s codec bandwidth).

According to this, both blink instances sent audio and it was relayed by the media relay to the other endpoint. If you can only hear the call in 1 direction, the cause is elsewhere.

I suggest you check your windows firewall that it allows incoming traffic for blink. Also check your router/ISP that it doesn't block incoming traffic.

Another thing to check is if you use the right audio input/output devices (either in preferences on in the Call menu). Also check if your microphone isn't muted.

One quick way to check your setup is to call echo at conference.sip2sip.info where you can talk and will hear yourself back. Test both blink instances and check your audio devices and firewall settings on the machine where it doesn't work. Once you can hear yourself back on both instances you should be able to make a call between them.

>  Also we i called my friend using our server i have sent the logs to the support at ag-projects.com they are in the attachment to the letter. My friend was calling me from the account "Martin" and my account is "John" in those logs. All ip addreses wasn't touched.
> the.ozma.of.oz the.ozma.of.oz.


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