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Fri Oct 3 03:07:31 CEST 2014

It is not a bug. It is an indication of the account registration status. If the account is in black bold it means that the account has succesfully registered to the SIP server and is ready to receive incoming calls. If is in gray and not bold it means that is not registered (and you see the cause is appended in case of a registration failure).

The closed lock left to the account indicates that TLS is used for SIP signalling, that is encrypted signalling between the SIP client and the SIP server. If the lock is open it means that UDP or TCP is used for SIP signalling, both of which are not encrypted so information travels in clear text between the client and the server.


On 03 Oct 2014, at 02:54, Bas den Hond <business at butdifferent.com> wrote:

> Congratulations on the new version (Mac, 4.0)
> One small GUI bug: in the account-selection menu of the main window, some accounts have their GUI label  (as specified in the preferences) in bold type, while others don't show their labels and instead show the account address in grey. This happens if and only if in the 'SIP signaling' preference the 'receive incoming calls' box is not checked.
> And I'm curious what the open lock symbols in front of the active account names (not the addresses) mean (and in what circumstances they might close).
> Bas
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