[Blink] Serious VoIP problems whenever Blink is connected

Frank Helmschrott frank at helmschrott.de
Sat Feb 8 10:35:00 CET 2014


i’m running a local VoIP server on a AVM Fritz!BOX 7490 (already ran it with a 7390 before). The following problem appears for months now and with different versions of Blink Pro on the Mac and different Software Versions of the router/voip box.

Whenever Blink Pro is running and connected to the voip server all other voip clients in the network get robo-like voices and distortions after right around exactly 9:40 mins (in some rare cases problems can occur earlier but i couldn’t find any patterns there yet). Both parties are not able to understand the other side when this happens, things also seem to „slow down“ (maye a timing problem - i’m not a coder unfortunately and have no deeper knowledge of audio codecs). If both parties resist and wait for around 10-15 seconds the problem dissappears again and then again happens after around 10 minutes.

This is totally awkward and we haven’t seen this in any other circumstances. When Blink is not running everything is fine - even with other VoIP clients on the same computer that normally runs Blink. I have already disabled G.722 from the beginning as this codec totally screwed everything up and using other clients wasn’t possible whenever blink was running. Now with the other codecs it works quite well… well until 9:40 mins. :-)

Does anyone probably have any idea how this can happen and where the problem may sit? I’d really like to eliminate this.

Client OS is Mac OSX 10.9, Blink Pro is from the Mac App Store.


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