[Blink] IM in Blink is not active (greyed out)

David Hubbard david.hubbard at agenor.co.uk
Tue Oct 1 14:57:38 CEST 2013


I'm using Blink on Windows - connected to sipthor (as per 

I've managed to get two Blink client instances to call each other within 
my domain.

Presence works between these as well, but "IM" and "Start Chat Session" 
are showing greyed out on Blink client and Presence isn't propagating 
between these

I have DNS SRV for "_msrps._tcp" and TXT for "xcap" set for my domain 
and pointing to "msrprelay.sipthor.net"

Is there some extra configuration I need to do to get IM working?


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