[Blink] Backup of Account Info?

Florian Dargel dargel at globalfinance.de
Thu Nov 28 11:17:19 CET 2013

I'm running Blink Pro 3.3.1, build 11761 on OSX 10.9

Recently I had the issue that I lost my external sip account info twice in
as many days, with blink just showing "Bonjour" when started. The first
time I thought this may have been to do with upgrading to the latest
version, but there was no upgrade the second time around. The only thing I
can think of that may have triggered it was a hard shutdown when the
computer failed to wake up from an airdisplay session (screen remained

Is there a way to export/save the account info so I can reactivate accounts
in case this happens again? Anyone else seen this behaviour?


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