[Blink] New Blink for MacOSX release 2.3.0

Adrian Georgescu ag at ag-projects.com
Wed May 15 11:51:55 CEST 2013


There is a new release for Blink Cocoa, version 2.3.0 with new features and bug fixes.


Version 2.3.0

May 9th, 2013

Added microphone signal level meter in Audio Drawer
Added button in Alert Panel to send call directly to Answering Machine
Added real-time replication of MSRP chat sessions with SIP2SIP accounts
Added menu item in Contacts menu to show Pending Contact Requests
Added paste capability to active audio session for sending DTMF tones
Set default application filter to Sessions in SIP Logs window
Print ICE negotiation results in RTP Logs window
Display RTP latency and round trip time in audio tile and RTP Logs window
Fixed contact dragging exception when searching
Refresh history menu after session has been saved to history database
Save previously used audio devices before switching to new audio devices
Display actual used default devices in Alert Panel
Fixed selecting audio devices on OSX 10.8
Drop duplicated incoming SMS messages
Improved logging for SMS messages


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