[Blink] Google Apps Contacts not authenticating

Wilbert Zapata wilbert at new-lime.com
Mon Jul 15 20:37:02 CEST 2013


Have the same problem described below but using Win8Pro. Any idea or

BTW, with a traditional Gmail account work great.

*Wilbert Zapata*
Sip: wilbert at sip2sip.info

*Adi J. Sieker* adi at sieker.io
*Tue Mar 5 12:54:18 CET 2013*

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I discovered Blink today and setting up my SIP account was a breeze,
thank you very much.
Getting my Google Contacts enabled is not working, sadly. :(

I'm running Win7 64bit with the current windows version of Blink from
The contacts are for a Google Apps for Domains account (so not a
@gmail.com address).
When I enter my credentials in the "Google Contacts Authorization"
dialog and click on Authorize.
The dialog disappears and then popups again after <1sec. with the error
message "Error authenticating with Google. Please enter your password:".
One little piece of Info that might be relevant is that my password
contains a space character.

Is there any logs I can look at or something else I can do to nail down
the problem?


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