[Blink] Gray Account Names

Olav Seyfarth olav.seyfarth at web.de
Fri Jan 4 15:38:27 CET 2013


I have a similar problem: last year Blink was working fine but after the holiday
(the laptop was roaming to other networks during that time) id doesn't anymore
(accounts gray). I have 1 online account (across SOHO router) and 2 local
accounts (against that SOHO router). All three worked no longer.

The Router is a AVM Fritz!Box 7390 which also functions as local DNS proxy. It
advertises itself as "fritz.box" so I used <sipuser>@fritz.box for the creation
of the account. This did work in December. Not so today.

After the holiday, when I was investigating the non-functioning of Blink, I did
a "ipconfig -flushdns". No luck. I tried to change different settings, no luck.

Picking up the hint to not just try to change an existing Blink account
deleting but recreating it, the account creation wizard no longer accepted
<sipuser>@fritz.box (just did not react on hitting the "Add" button) but only
<sipuser>@<local_ip_of_that_box> (didn't need any additional settings): works,
and does reenable my remote account(!) but not my other "@fritz.box" account.

Maybe it's a IPv4/IPv6 issue? nslookup on the command line resolves "fritz.box"
but gives IPv6 first. Does Blink cache any DNS entries itself? I'm asking
because during holidays I used a network that also has a local "fritz.box" but
different IPs.


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