[Blink] google contacts on the Mac

Kevin Layer layer at known.net
Thu Feb 7 00:47:27 CET 2013

I realize I can have my Address Book sync with Google contacts and
Blink itself doesn't need to do that, like it does on Windows and
Linux, but let me argue that it is necessary:

When I went to connect Address Book with Google contacts, I got a big
warning about how Apple will have write access to my Google contacts.
I don't know about you, but I will never give Apple write access to
that.  Not because I don't trust them from an ethical standpoint, but
from a programming standpoint.  I've been an iTunes user before, and
I'm too well familiar with the "connect my device with a crapload of
music on it and watch iTunes remove it all."  I have a friend that's
had the same thing happen to him, so I'm not about to see if they have
the same bugs with the contact sync.

I would very much like to see Google contact sync natively in Blink.

Btw, I use Windows mostly, but today purchased the Mac Lite version,
even though I'll probably use it once in a blue moon, just to give you
guys some cash.  So, while this feature I'm asking for won't probably
make my life that much better, I'm pretty sure there are people out
there in the same boat.

Thanks for listening.

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