[Blink] Blink on Linux and Windows

Noemí León Fernández nleon at epicom.es
Wed Feb 6 15:07:16 CET 2013


I've installed Blink on Ubuntu and Windows XP and I want to use the chat and IM. If I go to the page:


It says that they are not implemented yet. But I don't know if it is an  old page because when I go to
http://icanblink.com and the click  "features" it redirects me to http://icanblink.com/blink-pro.phtml. Also in
http://icanblink.com/features.phtml talks about Cocoa and Blink Qt and they seem  to be now  Blink Lite and Blink Pro.

Anyways, what I want to know is whether I can use chat and IM on Windows or Linux and if it is possible, how should I
configure them to work properly.

Thanks in advance.

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