[Blink] Is 0.5.0 for Windows available?

Kevin Layer layer at known.net
Tue Dec 31 21:59:34 CET 2013

Adrian Georgescu wrote:

>> > 
>> > X-Lite works with the same provider.  0.5.0 worked with the same
>> > provider.  This is on Windows.
>> > 
>> > When I switch to the Mac, X-Lite works there, but the latest Blink
>> > does not.
>> > 
>> > See a pattern?
>> No. The fact that software X works and Y not, if version is X and not W is not a pattern.
>> The software logs would help us understand what is the problem you experience.

Adrian, that X-Lite works on the Mac and Windows and the latest
version of Blink doesn't, plus the fact that a previous version worked
on *both*, sure is a pattern.

If you would make 0.5.0 available to me for testing, we would know for
sure, though.

As I said in another email, I see no logs.  I looked at the Help page
and it says *nothing* about Windows.

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