[Blink] Is 0.5.0 for Windows available?

Kevin Layer layer at known.net
Tue Dec 31 18:41:43 CET 2013

Saúl Ibarra Corretgé wrote:

>> > 
>> > 
>> >>> Also, please try with a
>> >>> SIP2SIP.info account, just to verify that registering works
>> >>> properly.
>> > 
>> > The sip2sip and other accounts are registered fine.
>> > 
>> Then is must be some change in your provider, we haven't done any changes to how accounts are registered.

X-Lite works with the same provider.  0.5.0 worked with the same
provider.  This is on Windows.

When I switch to the Mac, X-Lite works there, but the latest Blink
does not.

See a pattern?

>> > Can I get the 0.5.0 download URL to try that?
>> > 
>> We only provide the installer for the latest version.

You know why this is really unfriendly?  Because you led me into
doing the install inside the program, which doesn't allow me to save
the installer.  Never again, if I even continue to use Blink.

>> Can you take a SIP trace (check the help page on how to do it) and
>> send it our way? Maybe we can spot something in there.

I'll look into it.

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