[Blink] Blink Pro 3.0.0 for OSX with ultra-wideband Opus codec

Adrian Georgescu ag at ag-projects.com
Thu Aug 1 20:25:20 CEST 2013


There is a new release for Blink Pro for OSX, version 2.3.0 with new features and many improvements.


Version 3.0.0

July 26th, 2013

Added audio ultra-wideband support for 32 kHz and 48kHz sample rates
Added Acoustic Echo Cancellation for 32kHz sample rate
Added Automatic Gain Control for microphone input
Added OPUS codec at 32kHz with AEC enabled and 48kHz with AEC disabled
Added 32kHz and removed 8kHz sample rate for Speex codec
Added Chat privacy setting to avoid logging messages to history
Added icons to History menu items
Added availability notifications for Mountain Lion or newer OSX versions
Added option to start multiparty Conference when all participants are available
Added last calls submenu to Contact contextual menu
Added speech synthesis menu item to tell when a Contact becomes available
Moved Availability indicator on the right side of the contacts
Added hide/show option for menu items of History Groups and History Contacts
Added contextual Group menu items for selection of the history period
Added special groups toggle in main interface bottom left contacts button
Added per contact setting to start both audio and chat
Added add/remove Chat to audio session tile
Remove contacts from Missed Call Group after succeesful calls
Fixed automatic hangup on RTP timeout per account
Fixed getting daily entries in history viewer when using aliases
Don't filter by media type when opening history viewer for a contact
Fixed Presence handling bugs
Fixed high CPU usage when many contacts get presence updates
Fixed Call Hold to stop streaming
Fixed hogging the GUI when re-loading file transfer history
Fixed number of missed calls for Contacts in Missed Calls Group
Fixed a random crash when Screen Sharing session ends
Fixed initializing smileys theme
Fixed duplication of replicated SMS messages
Fixed fall back to alternative SIP routes
Beautify codec names in Preferences panel
Improved general logging
Improved performance of history database queries
Reduced startup and shutdown time
Reduced overall application memory usage
Finish session when click on disconnect Chat button
Removed jitter buffer from Session info panel
Replaced preferred media in contact editor with pop up button
Strip spaces from audio device name


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