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Mediacast Guy mediacastguy at gmail.com
Sun Apr 14 14:39:06 CEST 2013

I cannot get Blink to fully register with ideasip.com. The account name stays
grayed out. Here are the credentials (not real) that I was given.

Your new IdeaSIP phone number is *1-111-222-3333 * .

Your basic info for installing a software phone, a hardware phone, or an
adapter, these are the settings you'll need:
*Display Name:* Your Name
*Username:* 111122233333
*Domain/Realm*: proxy.ideasip.com
*Authentication User:* 111122233333
*SIP Proxy:* proxy.ideasip.com:5060
*STUN Server:* stun.ideasip.com:3478

I don't know where to enter the STUN Server information. Is Blink (Windows)
fully compatible with ideasip.com? It works well with the other accounts that
are installed.

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