[Blink] Another Contacts Problem

Dan Pascu dan at ag-projects.com
Tue Apr 9 10:15:08 CEST 2013

On 6 Apr 2013, at 17:48, Mediacast Guy wrote:

> With the new 0.3.0, I am unable to create Contacts in any Group except All
> Contacts.

Unlike previous versions, where a contact was required to belong to a group and it could only belong to one group at a time, in the new version, a contact is not required to belong to any group, but it can belong to multiple groups at once. The All Contacts group is not a real group you create and add contacts to, but a virtual group that will always list all existing contacts. As a result any contact created will appear there automatically without being added explicitly.

If you want a contact to be added to a certain group when created, just right click on that group (or inside it) and select "Add contact".

> I also don't see how to move Contacts into new Groups.

Contacts can be moved to other groups by dragging them, but they will never disappear from "All Contacts", unless deleted. Dragging them from All contacts will add them to the destination group as well, while dragging them from any other group A to group B, will move them from group A to B.


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