[Blink] New Blink Pro 1.9.0

Ben Klang bklang at verendus.com
Tue Sep 4 20:06:50 CEST 2012

On Aug 30, 2012, at 4:58 PM, Adrian Georgescu wrote:

> Hello,
> There is a new release of Blink Pro in the Mac App Store. 
> Due to Apple sandboxing requirements, features like the support for bluetooth equipment, automatic migration from previous versions and muting of external audio applications are not available anymore. But all is done by Apple for your own safety so you should bow and praise what you have while you still have it.

Will it ever be possible to get Blink directly from AGProjects rather than the App Store?  I'd rather give you the full amount than have them take a cut, especially if it means I get to keep features like pausing music while calling.

Ben Klang
Mojo Lingo
bklang at mojolingo.com

> Version 1.9.0
> Refactored Contacts Management. For more information see http://projects.ag-projects.com/news/9
> Added chat messages replication with sip2sip.info service
> Added window menu entry to open Chat conversations
> Added nickname support for MSRP conferences
> Added Cmd-F keyboard shortcut for search contact
> Fixed handling failed chat messages when connection drops
> Fixed critical exceptions in the debug window
> Fixed memory leaks in session and stream management
> Fixed race conditions in subscription for conference-info
> Fixed accounting of media type when chat session is cancelled
> Fixed race conditions in account registrar and subscription handler
> Fixed deleting history entries
> Fixed SDP connection address when initial request contained
> Re-mapped window keboard shortcuts
> Implemented Sandboxing
> Removed stopping audio applications functionality
> Removed automatic configuration migration from previous Blink versions
> Regards,
> Adrian
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