[Blink] no gui on windows 7 / exception in _initialize_sipsimple

grmt garmt.noname at gmail.com
Tue Nov 13 22:58:55 CET 2012

Today I wanted to use blink again on my windows 7 laptop, but after clicking
the blink icon no gui shows up.

Using process explorer, I can see blink.exe running, but I cannot bring it
to front.

I killed the process, downloaded and installed blink again, also in a
different folder, but the problem persists.

Any suggestion what goes wrong? Any place I should go to remove existing
references, configuration etc?



error: Exception occured while calling function _initialize_sipsimple in the
GUI thread

Traceback (most recent call last):

  File "blink\__init__.pyc", line 194, in _EH_CallFunctionEvent

  File "blink\__init__.pyc", line 228, in _initialize_sipsimple

  File "sipsimple\application.pyc", line 102, in start

  File "application\python\decorator.pyc", line 64, in __call__

  File "sipsimple\account\__init__.pyc", line 684, in load

  File "sipsimple\configuration\__init__.pyc", line 513, in __call__

  File "sipsimple\configuration\__init__.pyc", line 646, in __call__

  File "sipsimple\account\__init__.pyc", line 148, in __init__

  File "sipsimple\account\xcap\__init__.pyc", line 781, in __init__




Blink runs fine on my win2008 server.




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