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陈伟科 chenweike at datangmobile.cn
Mon Jul 9 09:10:53 CEST 2012

Hi All:

    Which protocol or specification that Blink followed on the function of
File-Transfer? Is that Rfc-5547?


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There is a new release of Blink Pro in the Mac App Store with bug fixes and
history synchronization for sip2sip service.


Version 1.8.3

June 4th, 2012

*	Added session history synchronization with sip2sip.info service
*	Lookup history menu entries in Contacts list
*	Fixed rendering and storage in history of chat text/html content
*	Fixed refreshing chat drawer when session has ended
*	Fixed handling for Min-Expires header for REGISTER methods
*	Fixed handling for incoming INVITE with inactive audio offer
*	Fixed handling re-INVITEs with an empty body
*	Fixed displaying our own contact on Bonjour conferencing
*	Fixed discovery of Bonjour announced Conference servers
*	Fixed stopping outgoing ringtones in some situations
*	Fixed handling refresh interval from Min-Expires for SUBSCRIBE
*	Fixed parsing errors for SIP URIs
*	Fixed crash when the realm field is empty in authentication headers
*	Fixed memory leaks in Session Info panel
*	Fixed memory leaks in Chat Windows
*	Fixed memory leaks in Conference Panel
*	Fixed History Manager to be more resilient to DB errors
*	Fixed encoding of cyrillic characters in history database
*	Fixed setting session failure reason on local transport error
*	Fixed selecting audio recording icon
*	Re-init Session Info panel when re-connect chat session
*	Moved web alert settings under a separate section
*	Improved display of SIP account in the account popup button
*	Changed default history search period to Last Week
*	Don't use latin1 encoding from the history database
*	Handle callto: URLs dialled from external applications
*	Handle Command-W shortut in Chat window to close the window
*	Do not play dtmf tones for digits typed in the Search box
*	Added Show Chat Window menu item in Window menu





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