[Blink] Blink for Windows (was: Re: New Blink Pro 1.9.0)

Olav Seyfarth olav at seyfarth.de
Fri Aug 31 17:31:32 CEST 2012

Hi Adrian,

> What is the problem with other SIP clients on Windows that a Blink Pro for
> Windows would make a difference?

In order of importance:
- rock solid connection while talking
  (I had problems with various clients dropping connections for unknown reasons)
- multiple addressbook support, ideally including Google Contacs
  (the reason I now use Blink 0.2.7 on windows along with another client)
- multiple lines/account (business/private numbers, and location/networks)
  (the reason why I cannot just use Blink alone)
- lean and easy to use
  (that is what I like about Blink)
- same user experience on Mac and Windows
  (I use both)


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