[Blink] Unable to forward or transfer a call

Sébastien Brennion sebastien at la-belle-bleue.ch
Fri Sep 16 16:14:15 CEST 2011

In the online help, blink is supposed to be able to transfer a call or
forward, but I'm not able to do it... ??

In the how to, a "T" key is mentionned to transfer the call, but I can't
find any "T" key

I'm only able to make a conference, but if I hangup , the call is closed for
everyone... so not possible to forward...

I'm using the latest linux version

la belle Bleue
Sébastien Brennion
Tel  : 032 754 26 36
Fax : 032 754 26 38
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2068 Hauterive
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