[Blink] RPM packaging of blink for Fedora and other distros

Perazim perazim at portugalmail.pt
Wed Nov 2 12:27:38 CET 2011

Status report of rpm packaging:

Presently I have the following items to resolve:

1 - The blink developers need to address the changes in the last version
of dnspython that broke sipsimple which is a dependency for blink.

2 - They also need to resolve some issues introduced with python-2.7.

3 - I then need to verify that we can use the fedora python-dns instead
of the debian dnspython. python-dns really is a rpm repackage of

4 - I am seeing a 100% cpu use issue that needs to be resolved.

5 - I am also seeing a failure to completely shutdown when closed.

6 - I am seeing bad echoing even though the echo suppression is enabled.

Once these issues are resolved and I have tested against F-14, F-15 and
F-16, I will publish the rpms in repository form so that they may be
placed on the blink website. I will also provide the rpm spec files and
scripts for generating the rpms from tar archives.


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