[Blink] (2) Integration with MacOSX Address Book

Alex Marschall alda at centralticket.de
Mon May 30 09:54:34 CEST 2011

Well I have 1.500 Craddav entries on public adress books in my local database.
Only if the local Adress Book is empty blink will not crash
As soon as I copy one of the entries from the public adress books in the local
(I tried it with "Alexander Marschall",  thats me)
blink will crash as soon as I type a number ore flip the adress book triangle open

I would like to sent you a compressed Adress Book Data Base, but if I send it through this Mail everybody on the lis will see it?

The size is 113 MB?

Thank you

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Alexander Marschall
64289 Darmstadt
fax 06151/5207980
mobil 0151/156-74708
alda at centralticket.de

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