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Olaf Monien olaf at monien.net
Wed May 18 17:33:22 CEST 2011

I had similar problems with some SIP provider which turned out to be a problem with the codecs on the provider side. Connections with a-law simply didn't work properly. I removed a-law from that account (leaving u-law) and all was good.

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Am 18.05.2011 um 11:18 schrieb Mediacast Guy:

> Blink and I are having audio issues. When I connect with another user, he cannot
> hear me well, and I cannot hear him well.
> 1) When I use Blink to connect to TalkShoe, no problem.
> 2) When I use Blink to connect to the echo test or time service, no problem.
> 3) When I use Skype to connect to my buddy, no problem.
> 4) When I use X-Lite to connect to my buddy, no problem.
> But when we connect with Blink using any of the codecs, we're both low audio. In
> each case, the same computer is used with the same mics and speakers. The same
> audio sources are selecting in the audio control panel. One operating system is
> Windows XP, and the other is Windows 7.
> I'm sure the problem is on our end rather than with Blink, but I am unable to
> find a solution. Blink is a fabulous product that will probably grow in
> popularity once Microsoft gets its claws into Skype, but for now, it is only
> useful for us with the services I mentioned above.
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