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Olaf Monien olaf at monien.net
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I agree with the "invisible" argument. What if the rule would be applied to the UI itself as well?

I.e. if you type a number or select a contact, switch the combobox to the account that matches the rule. Also add a checkbox that says something like "auto-select account by rule" ...

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Am 16.05.2011 um 05:32 schrieb Dan Pascu:

> On 12 May 2011, at 0:27, Olaf Monien wrote:
>>> Given the current Blink GUI design, how would such feature look like? Now when one makes an outbound call at least is known which account is being used.
>> I would suggest an "Auto" account, which would be a "virtual" account, that tries to find matching rules. If no rule matches, the default account will be used.
> Except that it has the same issues as now (you may forget to select the 'auto' entry as you forgot to manually select the right entry).
>> Add "Auto" to the list of accounts, that show up in that combobox in the main interface"
> The problem with that is that it implements an invisible feature. The user cannot determine what account is being used unless he consults the SIP traces or he memorizes all the rules and keeps them in his head all the time. Even then he can only guess what account is being used. And if you make an error when you add a rule, you will never notice it until you inspect the SIP traces.
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