[Blink] Dialing rules

Olaf Monien olaf at monien.net
Wed May 11 18:45:07 CEST 2011

Are there any kind of dialing rules in Blink? 

Something that lets me define which contact to call through what SIP account.

US/local numbers should go through my "local" SIP provider, because I have unlimited minutes here. German numbers (starting with +49) should use my Sipgate.de account, as I have a better plan there (and it seems to have better latency anyway)

Currently I switch manually (using the drop down above the number text field) - but sometimes I simply forget to chose the right account :)

Regards / Grüße,
Olaf Monien
Developer Experts, LLC

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Estero, FL 33928
Fon: +1 (239) 494 5049

Office Germany
Daniel Magin
Gerhart-Hauptmann-Ring 134
60439 Frankfurt am Main
Fon: +49 (69) 175 548 150

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