[Blink] TalkShoe, Bonjour, sip2sip.info, and Voxalot

MediacastGuy mcg-lists at mediacastguy.com
Thu Mar 31 19:18:47 CEST 2011

Can someone tell me why I am unable to dial into TalkShoe (123 at
with Bonjour using Windows XP? If I use 7463#99999#1 at proxy.ideasip.com
(substituting the show ID for 99999), it connects. If I connect through
sip2sip.info at the office using 123 at, I get the "Welcome to
TalkShoe" message, it accepts my Show ID, it asks me for my PIN, and it accepts
1#. The really strange part is that after I enter 1#, Blink never connects to
the audio. This same configuration works well at home, so I assume that it is a
router or firewall issue at the office. Are there any settings in Blink to work
around the problem with Bonjour and TalkShoe?

My latest attempt was to use my Voxalot account. Everything connects fine. Why
not just use the Voxalot account, you ask? Blink has proven to be the easiest to
install and configure SIP client for non-techies. While I'm a techie, I am
totally new to SIP and do not understand 1/3 of what I need to know. If there is
a way to make Blink work to connect to TalkShoe using Bonjour most of the time,
we are going to recommend it to show participants, almost all of whom are
non-techies. It would be fantastic for them to not have to create a separate SIP
account, such as Voxalot (which has its own issues.)

Thanks for any suggestions. I have already become a big Blink fan, particularly
for the wideband audio capability.


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