[Blink] "Stalker Voice" when calling mobile numbers

Klaus Meßlinger blinkpro at ndom.net
Tue Mar 22 11:53:38 CET 2011


Blink Pro's a great app! I really like it for its smooth integration in Mac OS and the inobtrusive interface.

There are only two issues I have: one is with connectivity to German SIP provider 1&1 (www.1und1.de), but this has been discussed more than once in this forum.

The other is about sound quality: when I call my mobile number from from Blink Pro, my voice is heard distorted at the other end, slow and very deep, like a stalker's call. (I really frightened my wife when I first called her.) 

With landline numbers or incoming calls from my mobile all is well.

Any ideas what might cause this?


- Blink Pro 1.0.5 for Mac (iMac latest generation, MacOS 10.6.6 Snow Leopard)
- Blink Pro connects to AVM Fritz!Box 7320 via WLAN (router manages SIP devices, i.e. Blink Pro is registered as a phone device)
- Internet/SIP provider is 1&1
- distorted outgoing call went to different numbers on German ePlus mobile network

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