[Blink] Ubuntu Dists for Blink

Busschau, Justin jbusschau at churchworks.com
Wed Jan 19 20:09:32 CET 2011


I have Blink installed on two of my three Ubuntu (Maverick) machines (one
desktop and one laptop).  I installed these about three or four weeks ago
following the instructions at http://icanblink.com/download.phtml and the
installation went off without any problem.

Following those same instructions today, I ran into a problem.

First I added the AG Projects software signing key as instructed and that
worked fine.

I added the following lines to the bottom of /etc/apt/sources.list :
# AG Projects software
deb http://ag-projects.com/ubuntu lucid main
deb-src http://ag-projects.com/ubuntu lucid main

Then I ran sudo apt-get update and got the following response (irrelevant
bits removed for readability):
Ign http://ag-projects.com lucid/main i386 Packages
Err http://ag-projects.com lucid/main Sources
  404  Not Found
Err http://ag-projects.com lucid/main i386 Packaged
  404  Not Found
W: Failed to fetch
http://ag-projects.com/ubuntu/dists/lucid/main/source/Sources.gz  404  Not

W: Failed to fetch
http://ag-projects.com/ubuntu/dists/lucid/main/binary-i386/Packages.gz  404
 Not Found

E: Some index files failed to download, they have been ignored, or old ones
used instead.

I sent a tweet to @agprojects and he responded saying that he could see the
Debian packages at http://ag-projects.com/ubuntu/pool/main/b/blink - but
this is only half the repository.  The half that matters to the apt-get
update command should live in
http://ag-projects.com/ubuntu/dists/lucid/main/... - see error and warning
messages above.

Can someone please have a look at this and let me know when the problem has
been rectified.

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