[Blink] Microphone doesn't work on Mac (after upgrading from 0.21.1 to 0.22.2?)

Heiko Selber wadenwickel at googlemail.com
Tue Jan 18 11:57:34 CET 2011


my microphone appears to be constantly muted with Blink for a week or
so. (I mean I can click to mute or unmute the mike but nobody can hear
me at all.)

I believe this happened when I upgraded to 0.22.2 (IIRC from 0.21.1),
but I am not sure. It might also be due to a system upgrade to Mac OSX
10.6.6, which I did the same day. OTOH, a friend has the same problem
after upgrading Blink, but not OSX.

Previously Blink had worked for me without any problem for a few months.

I use a Mac Book Pro with a Logitech USB headset, but the built-in
mike does't work with Blink, either.

I re-installed Blink 0.22.2, but the problem didn't go away.

BTW: Skype works well, so I'm pretty sure something is wrong with Blink

Does anybody have an idea what could be wrong?



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