[Blink] router configuration?

Philippe Faes philippe at faes.net
Fri Feb 25 09:33:23 CET 2011


There's not such configuration in my router either. As I said earlier,
another SIP client (on my smartphone) works fine. I don't use them *at the
same time*.
I'd be more than happy to purchase Blink on the Apps Store if it would

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On Thu, Feb 24, 2011 at 10:11 PM, Dean Willis <dean.willis at softarmor.com>wrote:

> On Feb 9, 2011, at 8:49 AM, Adrian Georgescu wrote:
> > Hi Dean,
> >
> > 9 out 10 connectivity problems are SIP ALG related. The rest are
> firewalls that explicitly block SIP traffic.
> >
> > Most if not all residential routers have nowadays a broken SIP-ALG
> inside. No manufacturer really understands SIP so they do not even
> acknowledge that they break things by adding such 'support' into their
> routers, forget about fixing their implementation that was completely
> un-necessary in the first place. All SIP providers have a NAT traversal
> solution in place that simply works.  The only way to eradicate the SIP ALG
> plague is to mandate the usage of TLS for SIP transport in a future
> iteration of the SIP protocol specs. And the chance of this happening is
> close to zero...
> >
> > Adrian
> >
> > On Feb 5, 2011, at 6:51 AM, Dean Willis wrote:
> I haven't found a SIP ALG in any of the home NAT routers I have, and I've
> accumulated a fairly large collection. Of course, there might be one there,
> but if so it hasn't caused me enough trouble that I've had to find it yet.
> --
> Dean
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