[Blink] Dialing US toll-free numbers

Schumann Sebastian Sebastian.Schumann at st.sk
Mon Aug 8 16:07:15 CEST 2011

Hi Lars

You need to register with a SIP provider that allows outbound calls to the PSTN. You cannot "just call" a toll free number with any given SIP provider - even if it would be for free.

In addition, all main VoIP providers I know use the SIP URI scheme (in contrast to the tel URI scheme). Even though you see a SIP URI with the PSTN number, this works perfectly fine, as they have gateways (SIP capable) that route the call to the PSTN ("as a normal telephone number").

I think you have no "problem" with the software as such, just with your understanding of VoIP. Hope I could help a bit. 

Best regards

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> On 8/8/11 4:48 PM, Adrian Georgescu wrote:
> > Well you have the answer:
> >
> >> RECEIVED: Packet 2, +0:00:00.073187 SIP/2.0 404 Not Here Server:
> >> Kamailio (1.5.3-notls (i386/linux))
> >
> > Ask the other party why they give you 404.
> It's a 1-800 number, I can't ask.
> > This is no a bug in Blink, is simply that the destination tells you
> > that there is not such address as the one you have dialed.
> Blink appears to be treating a phone number as a SIP address.  How do I
> get around that?
> /Lars
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