[Blink] SOCKS support for Blink?

Mike O'Connor mjo at dojo.mi.org
Fri Oct 1 21:48:21 CEST 2010

:Hi Michael,
:Is not clear what SIP protocol has to do with Sock servers.  Can you please explain what is the link between the two? Not just explain but point to some standard or specification about the link between the two.

This request is about Blink's behavior as a TCP/IP application.  

Blink doesn't support RFC1928/SOCKS, either within the Blink
application itself, or in the overall MacOS proxy settings where 
one can specify SOCKS as an option.  I'd like it if Blink either:

a) had the appropriate application support so it could point at
   a SOCKS server from the Preferences window

b) was linked with the appropriate libraries such that it obeyed
   the SOCKS proxy setting within MacOS  

The only relationship between my desire for SOCKS support and SIP
servers is that, in my particular case, the fastest path to my SIP
server tendas to be via a SOCKS server.  

Make sense?

 Michael J. O'Connor                                          mjo at dojo.mi.org
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