[Blink] Bug: Unable to view Blink Preferences (OSX)

tbizzle t at eatbabies.com
Tue Nov 23 05:12:43 CET 2010

I recently changed the default ring sound in Blink and ever since I did when
I try to launch Preferences ( Blink > Preferences ) nothing happens. I've
tried updating, deleting and redownloading the program and haven't been able
to solve the problem. It looks like Blink saves its data somewhere else on
the computer and I would assume that this data is in some way corrupt
causing the Preferences menu to crash upon initialization (or something to
that effect). It could also potentially be that I may have moved/deleted the
new sound file for the ringer (the one that I changed it to).. perhaps it
can't find the ringer sound file and crashes for that reason? I'm really
just making guesses here; I really have no idea why the preferences window
doesn't load.
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