[Blink] Incoming calls

Saúl Ibarra Corretgé saul at ag-projects.com
Tue Nov 23 09:06:28 CET 2010

On 11/23/2010 08:09 AM, Ivan Phrolov wrote:
> I have a problem with Blink 0.2.0 on Windows. Blink doesn't alert on
> incoming calls. It stays idle like nothing happens. But it is
> registering incoming calls - there are records in sip trace log.
> I use asterisk as pbx.


Can you please paste here the trace for an incoming call?

Also, can you check if you have any of this two files in the directory 
where you installed Blink (usually C:\Program Files\Blink): 
blink.exe-stderr.txt or blink.exe-stdout.txt. If so please paste the 
content as well.


Saúl Ibarra Corretgé
AG Projects

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