[Blink] New Blink Qt release 0.2.0 for Microsoft Windows

Emil Ivov emcho at sip-communicator.org
Fri Nov 12 18:12:41 CET 2010

Hey Duane,

На 12.11.10 11:15, duane.larson at gmail.com написа:
> There are other projects out there, like SIP Communicator, where it
> looks like there is not much activity when it comes to the project.

There seems to be quite of a misunderstanding here :).

SIP Communicator has more than 50 releases every month, new features get
added constantly (e.g. blind and attended transfers appeared earlier
this year), and there is a thriving development activity.

Ohloh.net declares the project as having:

"Increasing year-over-year development activity"
"Large, active development team"

Blink is an excellent project (we have collaborated with the team on
various occasions) however this is absolutely not a reason to try and
minimize the effort that other communities are putting in similar


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