[Blink] STUN server settings not effective

Mircea Bardac dev at mircea.bardac.net
Wed May 19 15:12:01 CEST 2010

Hi there,

I am trying to use Blink with a Romtelecom Voceonline prepaid account [1] from behind a NAT. Everything works from the web interface (Flash-based) but I found it almost impossible to configure a client to work with it from behind a NAT. The provider offers stun.clicknet.ro ( as a STUN server.

I have managed to get only one client to work with it, and that is X-Lite 4.0 beta. I can't get Blink to work with the account, even if I have added the STUN server and enabled ICE.

Basically, what happens is that, if I get a call from the outside (from a mobile number for example) to my SIP-account associated PSTN number, Blink starts ringing (as expected). Clicking "Accept" does indeed send some messages to the server (as seen in the Logs), but the PSTN number keeps inking in the mobile phone.

If I initiate a call from the computer, everything stops ringing when I accept the phone call on the mobile phone, but I can't hear anything both ways.

The Log snippet below was taken in the first scenario. The audio state changes to IDLE after I accept the call in Blink and nothing happens for several seconds (meanwhile the call keeps ringing on the initiator's side). I have also looked in "Blink Logs > SIP" with "Everything" selected. There is no mention of "STUN", "stun", "" or "stun.clicknet.ro", making me believe that STUN isn't really active. The Log snippet below shows that NAT was indeed detected.

Also, on a side note, Blink must be approved on each start, if the Mac OS X firewall is turned on. This is a bit weird, considering that it is added the first time to the list of applications which can accept incoming connections. Everything above was found both with the firewall turned on and with it turned off.

Many thanks,

[1] https://voceonline.romtelecom.ro/


-- snip --
2010-05-19 15:24:41   Starting VNC server at port 5977...
2010-05-19 15:24:41   Account('SIP_ACCOUNT at voipsip.clicknet.ro') activated
2010-05-19 15:24:41   2010-05-19 15:24:41 Registered Contact Address "sip:lcybipqh at" for sip:SIP_ACCOUNT at voipsip.clicknet.ro at;transport=udp (expires in 600 seconds).

2010-05-19 15:24:41   SIP_ACCOUNT at voipsip.clicknet.ro was registered
2010-05-19 15:24:48   Detected NAT Type: Port Restricted
2010-05-19 15:26:16   Incoming session from From: "MOBILE_NUMBER" <sip:MOBILE_NUMBER at voipsip.clicknet.ro>;tag=as5501ec8e with proposed streams audio
2010-05-19 15:26:20   Accepting session to From: "MOBILE_NUMBER" <sip:MOBILE_NUMBER at voipsip.clicknet.ro>;tag=as5501ec8e
2010-05-19 15:26:20   [session to MOBILE_NUMBER] Handling incoming audio Stream
2010-05-19 15:26:20   [session to MOBILE_NUMBER] Changing audio state to INCOMING
2010-05-19 15:26:20   [session to MOBILE_NUMBER] Session will start
2010-05-19 15:26:20   [session to MOBILE_NUMBER] Audio stream started
2010-05-19 15:26:20   [session to MOBILE_NUMBER] Changing audio state to CONNECTED
2010-05-19 15:26:35   [session to MOBILE_NUMBER] Audio stream ended
2010-05-19 15:26:35   [session to MOBILE_NUMBER] Changing audio state to IDLE
2010-05-19 15:26:36   Error: [session to MOBILE_NUMBER] Session failed: No ACK received
2010-05-19 15:26:36   [session to MOBILE_NUMBER] Changing Session state to FAILED
2010-05-19 15:26:36   [session to MOBILE_NUMBER] Changing audio state to FAILED
2010-05-19 15:26:36   Session <sipsimple.session.Session object at 0x1042d8f0> ended, disposing...
-- end snip --

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