[Blink] Crash on TLS configuration

Matthias Reinacher m.reinacher at gmail.com
Wed Mar 24 06:41:21 CET 2010

i'd like to thank you for providing this great softphone for OSX.

I'm trying to use Blink for an encrypted connection -- SRTP works,
however, is quite useless without SIPS/TLS. Whenever I try to enable
TLS by importing a certificate, (or even setting "SSL23" in the
configs instead of TLS), Blink crashes on startup.

Is this behaviour known? Is there any way to use SIPS/TLS with the
current release of Blink?

Also, Blink crashes immediately on startup on my trusty old Powerbook
G4. I guess it's not a universal binary, and i'm stupid for not giving
up on the old one. It works fine on the MBP (as long as I don't try to
enable signaling encryption.)

Thanks very much in advance and thanks again for all the work.

Matthias Reinacher

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