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Adrian Georgescu ag at ag-projects.com
Mon Jun 14 10:36:50 CEST 2010

On Jun 10, 2010, at 6:29 PM, Andreas Mixich wrote:

> Hi,
> first, allow me to congratulate on Blink. It's really a very nice  
> implementation of the VoIP ideal. It was good to leave the dial-pad  
> away and realize, that computers come with a different interface,  
> rather than trying to rebuild grampas old-school telephone.

Thanks, we did not want to re-invent the existing phones.

> However, it is exactly this interface, that I feel could be a bit  
> more polished.
> a) an Addressbook plugin, that allows dialing with Blink

A contribution for this feature would be welcome. Is easy to build  
outside of Blink too, there are no dependencies.

> b) no icon in the dock. A program like Blink is usually always  
> running, which means, that it occupies a whole icon in the dock.  
> This gets annyoing for power-users, who already have lots of stuff  
> there, stuff, that is more important than a background task. It may  
> be nice to put it into the menu-bar or alow for complete  
> invisibility, so it can be brought up by the task-switcher or a hot- 
> key.
> c) I don't know how it happened, but I have gotten a seperate entry  
> for each phone number a contact has, meaning, that I have a lot of  
> duplicate contact, which differ only by the phone number.

This is by design not by accident.

> d) plugin interface for the APIs (mostly REST, afaik), that many of  
> the VoIP providers (ie: sipgate, voxalot) offer.

Every SIP provider out there has its own API. Blink is for example  
integrated with http://sip2sip.info SIP service which has its own API.

> e) OSAscript
> Latter ones could be combined, and, if abstracted enough could make  
> it easier to implement scripting on other platforms (KDE-Kross, etc.)

> f) it would be nice if any of Blink's native data, that exists on  
> the user-level (call-logs, chat-logs, etc.) could be tagged with  
> OpenMeta. This would allow to associate any action with other files  
> (contacts, emails, invoices, documents, etc), that get tagged with  
> OpenMeta. It would allow to associate a chat-transcript with a  
> contact in addressbook, or a project and so on.

Again contributions to the code are welcome. Many people simply ask  
what they want but do not contribute.

> Is there a place where I could go and get the previous icon? I find  
> the current being rather unimaginative. It doesn't suggest  
> communication in any way.

The previous icon had its own copyright and could not be used anymore,  
the new one was build from scratch, has ben selected after a contest  
and the criteria was more complex than suggesting communications alone.

> Besides that I enjoy using the fruits of your effort to get things  
> technically right and robust. Very nice client. Thank you.

Thank you for the good words and feedback.

> -- 
> Bye, Andreas
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